Very popular on the world market product, the Tunisian dates are 60% for export. They are sold in more than 57 countries on five continents. European markets are higher.

– The organization of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Tunisia

has a natural potential which puts the leading providers in Europe Deglet Nour.

FAO is clear: Tunisia has more than 50% of the global workforce palms producing Deglet Nour. Some 1.3 million palm trees Deglet Nour over 4 million date palms, oases contribute about 10% of agricultural exports.

– The remaining 50% is divided between Algeria (1 million palm trees), and USA (250,000 palm trees). This natural potential place at the forefront of European suppliers with 23,500 tons of dates exported in 1998 or 46% of total exports.

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–  Discover a magic of Tunisian dates and enjoy the taste of Tunisia- the place where the story of Vita dates begin.

-The products are 100% natural and are suitable for elder people, because dates improve the body resistance and are beneficial for whole human organism.

– The date contains the essence of what our bodies need:

– Iron content unmatched in other fruits.

– The date contains all minerals “live” needed by the body in addition to vitamins A and B – It is the fruit “remineralizing” for children, adolescents, vieillands, workers and athletes. – LEARN TO KNOW AND MADE THE KNOW!

– What’s a tastier product delicious extract date.


– Ripe Mouilleuse . WELL AND health is benefiting.

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