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Coffee Date

Benefits of Coffee Dates and dates nuclei

The nucleus dates Burn a little and the crushed grew hem eye, and made it clear sight, blackened eye.

2 / For dates and nuclei used coffee considers the women of the most powerful nutrients and diuretics to milk or breastfeeding women …

3 / helps dates nuclei if used incense after birth; Replacing the uterus, and to alleviate the pain of arthritis …

4 / helps dates nuclei in soothing the pain of teeth, and This broke the nucleus and make them in the mouth, absorbed, whereupon the material contained therein anesthesia to distinguish the taste of bitter and astringent…

5 / using utmost Eyeliner eyes , and when crushed and roasted, slightly burned, the fire until it becomes black, they say, makes the eyes and wide and beautiful … He said: Kohl made from dates nuclei strengthens eyelashes eyes…

6 / oily acids found in the nuclei of dates, seven are excerpted from: 1960 1 commercial laboratory. Acid capric 7. 0% Capric acid 2. Acid Alcabretic 5. 0% Caprinic acid 3. Acid lauric 2. 24% Lauric acid 4. Acid 3 Almiracetk. 9% Myristic acid 5. Acid 9 Albalmtk. 9% Palmitic acid 6. Oleic acid, linoleic 2. 25% Oleic & Linoleic acid 7. Acid 2 Alsterec. 3% Stearic acid “from the book of date palm p 288 authored by Abdul Jabbar al-Bakr.” The following table shows the nutritional content of a group of nuclei dates nutritional value Article 62.5 of carbohydrates (%) 8.49 Fat (%) 5.22 Protein (%) 16.20 fibers (%) 6.5 Water (%) 1.12 Ash (%)

The table below shows the salts and minerals and trace elements with Alumblygram per 100 grams of dates nuclei (from Alchwimman). Quantitative element 625-750 160-270 potassium chloride 60-68 55-76 calcium magnesium phosphorus 50-60 43-52 4-5 sodium sulfur 1.3-3 iron 0.15-2.3 copper Braun 2:36 to 3:24

It is clear from the table of contents nuclei dates that interest is not only in the dates, but extends to the nuclei of dates is also where it is used for the treatment of diabetes and hardening of the arteries and break up kidney stones. It can use the existing oil for human consumption and enters in a variety of industries and the manufacture of soap,,,, and found that the cores and a good meal of fish. Can also be used as intended dates Kmshouka to Eyeliner eyes and it was the ancient Egyptians use it in the cleaning and disinfection of the dead and because the nucleus contain fatty substances at rates between 5.8 to 5.10% has been found that it can, including the soap industry Medical Excellence to address a simple chemical them and add some alkali is then added Some microbicides and mushrooms Wyatt becomes soap medically good for general use and to treat some skin diseases and scalp,,,,, and it replaces the bran wheat Bmtahon nuclei dates coarse and fine in the work of bread Mufrod It has been shown that the ground rough around the qualities relatively recipes bran wheat. Also found that charcoal tablets manufactured dates nuclei are used to absorb gases intestinal tract and treatment of flatulence and to absorb some of the toxic substances. Also find that the Egyptian Medical Research Institute has reached a new treatment for gout, a powder of nuclei dates because it contains a high proportion of alkaline substances. Powder can also be used dates nuclei as an alternative to coffee milk to be used.

7 / and such other information came in Riyadh newspaper:

Can take advantage of the nuclei of dates where they can produce what is known as an alternative to cocoa (or chocolate) has conducted research on it and proved to be successful when mixed with ice cream could not conducted for them to distinguish between ice cream experience genitive chocolate or genitive powder the acidified dates nucleus.

Also that one of the foreign companies have produced what is now called alternative decaffeinated coffee from the nucleus of dates and heavily used in the country of Oman.

It can also produce Article (Alforvural) of nuclei dates are used in important areas such as oil refineries and solvent in the production of pesticides.

Came: that a number of research conducted at a number of universities in the Kingdom for palm has proved that Palm has the benefit of the largest and nutritional value large and installation of the nucleus of dates in terms of elements similar to a large extent the combination of food to breast milk breastfeeding and this fact must be utilized and exploited in the preparation baby milk factory and certain foods such as bread, pastry and no doubt that the natural nutritional value will rise and interest permeated with God’s help

Riyadh Daily Newspaper

) Dr. Adnan and Wael specialist in perfumery materials and herbal plants where he pointed out that it tonic for the nerves and treatment for conditions such as asthma, eyes and mucous membranes and antipyretic and many more!!.

And opinion Medicine..?

As the talk about a topic of direct relevance to human health, so it was necessary for us to take the opinion of medicine in it, so we asked Dr. Adnan agent, an expert on herbal plants and materials Perfumery, who pointed out that the nucleus of dates contains many active ingredients which: protein, acid Nicotine, carotene, fatty materials, hormone Bitusan, vitamin Altheiamin and riboflavin, potassium, iron, phosphorus and calcium. Among Dr. Adnan that the nucleus of dates and its scientific name (phoenixdacty Lifera) has several uses healthy they are denominated in and antiseptic and laxative and is used for gonorrhea and eye diseases and asthma, as it’s based retraction receptacles uterus after birth, and laxative the mucous membranes, and appetizing, and the tonic of the genus, and is working to renew the blood , and antipyretic and contribute to the treatment of certain skin diseases, it is also protective, God willing, of cancer. He warns Dr. Wael from drinking this coffee from pregnant women especially in the first three months and the fact that it was working on uterine contractility.

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